New Online Casinos

A host of new operators have burst onto the scene in the last couple of years, and we have seen the rise of the “immersive casino” and the “mobile first” approach. This increased range of choice is of course a positive outcome for UK players, as it also means the competition between sites has become more intense, and so bonuses and other special offers have increased in value and accessibility.

Playing at a new casino means you’re likely to pick up a better Welcome Bonus than you might have previously (likely one that is a combination of free spins and deposit matches) while the newest sites, thanks to improved Flash technology, are able to offer games by a multitude of developers.

See the table below to explore some of the newest UK online casinos:

What are the advantages of playing at a new online casino?

Choosing to play at a newly-launched online casino that is looking to establish itself in the industry brings with it two distinct advantages: the bonuses are likely to be generous in order to encourage players to check them out; and the range of games (including mobile casino games) is likely to be greater and to offer more variety.

Bonuses at new online casinos

Although there is still enormous variety in the types of Welcome Bonuses being offered by online casinos, there does appear to be a theme developing in the offerings of the newest sites: instead of a one-dimensional signup offer, they increasingly have several parts, and may well include a no deposit bonus, deposit matches and free spins all as part of the one package.

There is also now more variety in the amount you need to deposit to claim a full bonus, resulting in more offers that casual players can take advantage of, as well as more options designed specifically for the high roller. The ways in which you can clear a bonus are also evolving, with some sites offering innovative ideas like no wagering requirements attached to winnings from free spins, for instance.

All in all, as the competition between casinos hots up, players are the ultimate winners, as the deals being offered become more attractive and more suited to the way a new generation of players approaches their gaming.

The newest online slots and games

One of the most exciting developments in online casinos has been as a result of improvements to Flash technology and Instant Play games, and the “mobile first” approach of many new sites.

What this has meant is that almost all new sites don’t offer games from just one developer – instead, they will use a variety of providers, usually a combination of one or two big, established names alongside a stable of new up-and-comers. This means that a whole new range of studios and game producers have crowded into the market, with the result being a slew of exciting and innovative games that even one or two years ago might not have seen the light of day.

This is because these new players don’t have a large enough catalogue of games, nor enough clout in the industry, to be able to power an entire casino on their own. However, this new arrangement of providing games from several different sources all at the one site has given these smaller, boutique developers a chance and they have grabbed it with both hands.

Therefore, you are just as likely now to find the games of Quickspin and Thunderkick, for instance, alongside slots from NetEnt and Microgaming, and so if you’re at all curious about expanding your horizons and aren’t afraid to go off piste, then you can discover some real gems of games.

At the same time, this emergence of new names has also had an effect on the big boys, and it’s no coincidence that the largest names in the game have responded to the challenge by bringing out some stunningly innovative games of their own in recent times. All up, it really is a boom time for online casino games and slots.

Tournaments and prize draws

One final advantage of getting on board at a new UK casino is that in its initial phase, there are likely to be fewer regular players to be in competition with when it comes to promotions, prize, draws, tournaments and the like. This means you might be able to scoop some cash bonuses or free spins while the player-base at the site is growing but before it gets too big.

Disadvantages to playing at a new online casino

There are really only a couple of disadvantages to being one of the first players at a new online casino. Firstly, if you’re there right at the outset, it’s unlikely that their promotions schedule will be fully in place, so it might be a bit light on in this regard at first. Also, newer sites do at the beginning tend to have fewer payment methods in place, although they will generally start off with the biggest and most accessible, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The only other issue could be to do with reputation and credibility, in that a new site won’t have had time to establish a name for itself – good or bad. However, if you undertake some research (like reading our casino review pages!) you should be able to establish fairly easily whether a site is worthy of your trust or not.

Our New Online Casino Reviews

We love reviewing new online casinos, and when we do there are certain qualities that we always look for:

  • bonuses that offer good value for either the casual player or high roller
  • good promotions that continue to reward players long after they clear the Welcome Bonus
  • sites that are licensed by a reputable gaming authority and the UK Gaming Commission
  • payment methods in GBP that are convenient and accessible for UK players
  • a wide range of games by the best and most innovative names in the industry

To learn more about how and why we recommend sites, visit our UK online casino review page.