Mobile Casino

Mobile casino games have significantly increased in popularity because the rapid worldwide growth in smartphone and tablet use has meant that mobile slots and casino games technology has developed along with this increased use. Players are no longer restricted as to where they can play mobile casino games by the need for an internet connection – 4G connectivity means you can now play virtually anywhere and at any time.

We review all of the best UK mobile casinos and games, and find those that offer players the best range and variety of games, the best accessibility and the most enjoyable all-round gaming experience. Check out our list of recommended mobile casinos below:

Rating the best mobile casinos

When we’re reviewing a mobile provider, we’re looking for sites that offer a comprehensive gaming experience, in terms of games, accessibility and ease of managing an account.

The number and variety of games on offer is one of the most important considerations when we review a site. Until fairly recently, the number and variety of slots and games in mobile casinos was relatively small, with even the biggest operators providing a limited range.

However, as operators have begun to place more emphasis on their mobile sites, the number of games that most now provide has grown rapidly, and the casinos that we recommend all feature games by the best developers in the industry – names such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech.

In terms of accessibility, we look for sites that are compatible with all the major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, and let you know how you can play their games – in the browser of your device, via downloadable app, or both.

In assessing a mobile site, we also look at how easy it is to operate and sync your account across platforms. We only recommend sites that let players manage their accounts on a smartphone, tablet or desktop using the same log in details and username. Also, we look for mobile casinos that offer a good selection of payment methods in GBP, and who have the appropriate measures in place to ensure that your financial transactions are carried out securely.

Play the Best Slots on Your Phone

While it’s still the case that not every slot or game that you might find in the desktop version of an online casino will be available at their mobile site, this is changing. All new release games now come out in mobile-optimised versions suitable for play on a portable device, so unless you’re looking for some of the very earliest online slots, most games can now be played on your phone.

Along with this, the gaming experience has also improved dramatically; games are more stable, graphics have been upgraded dramatically, and the user interface functionality of slots and other games has also been improved.

What this all of the means for the player is that they now have far greater variety than ever before and a much more satisfying experience.

Slots remain the most popular games in mobile casinos because they ‘translate’ more successfully to smaller screens than many other types of games. Even games with the most elaborate visuals and special bonus rounds have been adapted well for play on smartphone and tablet screens, and so there is no compromise in the gameplay when playing at a mobile casino.

Therefore, you can now expect to find the newest and latest slots available to play in a mobile casino as soon as they’re released, along with a huge back catalogue of favourite and classic slots as well.

Importantly, progressive jackpot slots are now a staple feature of the mobile casinos that we recommend, with the biggest names from the best developers all available to play on the go on your smartphone or tablet. Indeed, some of the biggest progressive jackpots of recent times have been won in mobile casinos, so your access to the jackpot prize pools is in no way diminished when you play on your smartphone or tablet (Mega Moolah, for instance, has paid out more than £13 million in jackpots to mobile players alone).

Best Devices

Provided your smartphone or tablet is not completely overtaken by apps, photos and music, you’ll find that contemporary smartphones and tablets have more than enough processing power to be able to handle even the most elaborate and spectacular mobile slots and games. This is because mobile games have been designed so that they automatically detect the size of screen on which you’re playing, and so even when the game is viewed on played on a small phone, for instance, there is no diminution in the visual effects, gameplay or sounds.

The mobile casinos that we recommend are all accessible on the major smartphone and tablet operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry – with games usually being able to played directly in the browser of the device and/or via downloadable app.

How to Access Mobile Slots

Mobile casino games are generally played in one of two ways – either directly in the browser of your device, or via a downloadable app.

Most of the sites that we recommend will have a unique URL for their mobile site, which is usually the URL of the main site prefixed by m.or i. However, if an operator doesn’t have a unique URL in this form, simply entering the URL of the main site in the browser of your smartphone or tablet will redirect you to the mobile casino.

Alternatively, a number of casinos now provide access to their mobile sites when you request a link that is sent to you via text message, scan a QR code, or request a link to be sent via email. This is instantaneous and so there is no waiting before you can begin to play.

The other primary access method is via a specialist app. Although not necessarily used as much as they once were, a significant number of the casinos that we recommend have apps for Android and iOS users that can be downloaded for free from either the Google Play or iTunes stores. You will usually find a direct link straight to the relevant Google Play or iTunes page, and so there is no need to waste time searching for this yourself.

Bottom Line

Mobile casino games are only going to grow in popularity because of the convenience and variety they provide. Being able to play on the go and without an internet connection has greatly increased accessibility, while being able to play games in the browser of any device using your cross-platform username and log in means that the opportunities for play are also far greater than ever before.

Our mobile casino guide provides reviews of the best UK mobile casinos, along with special offers and promotions, so it pays to check back regularly to catch the latest deals.