Getting the Best Payout

While it’s fun to play for free for a while, when you’re playing slots or any other casino game online, at some stage you’ll want to switch to playing for real money. Fortunately for most casinos, getting money in and out of your account is pretty simple and there should be plenty of different options to suit your preferences.

Most players want to receive their winnings in as short a space of time as possible but unfortunately at some casinos, withdrawals can take days or even weeks.

The speed and ease of making a withdrawal is often one of the main deciding factors when choosing a new casino. Most players are looking to find the best and fastest methods of getting money in and out of their account and this page will look at the different payment methods on offer and the best casinos to withdraw your money from.

What should players be looking for in a payment method?

With so many different payment methods around it can be confusing deciding where to start. Many players tend to stick with what they know and opt for credit or debit cards but there are many better methods out there that can help you get your money faster and more easily.

The best payment methods are those that are safe, secure and easy to use. Because of bank processing times many credit and debit cards take a lot longer than other payment methods like e-wallets and prepaid cards. The payment method you choose should also be readily available in the UK as some payment methods are specific to a particular country.

Think about whether you want your casino deposits to show up on your credit or debit card bill. Many players prefer to keep their online gambling discreet, making an anonymous payment method more appropriate.

Fast payouts

Payout speed is crucial to you getting your casino winnings into your account sooner rather than later. Some casinos process withdrawals immediately and your money can be in your account later the same day while others will take three to five days to even finalise your withdrawal request. If speed of payout is important to you, it’s important to choose your casino wisely.

Deposit vs. withdrawal methods

Many players don’t realise that you can’t use every deposit method to make a withdrawal. Some deposit methods like MasterCard and a few others are only available to deposit on and this can make it harder and lengthier to get your money out.

In the event that your deposit method of choice isn’t accepted for withdrawals you may have to wait for the casino to send you a bank cheque, which can take a week or more. If you can pick a deposit method that’s accepted for withdrawals you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and stress when it comes to getting paid out.

If you’re looking for fast payouts, every casino is different but there are some methods that naturally take longer than others. Generally speaking, direct bank transfer or bank cheque will take the longest – up to 14 days in some cases. Credit and debit cards are the next longest payment method as they usually take around 2-5 working days to go through, thanks to bank processing times.

For the fastest withdrawals you’ll want to look at a third party method, like an e-wallet, virtual card or prepaid card. These are secure and safe and they don’t impose the same waiting times as traditional financial institutions do. Best of all there are plenty to choose from and many are fee free.

You can find the five fastest paying out casinos here:

What’s the fastest payment method of all?

If quick payouts are a big priority for you, you’ll want to go with an e-wallet like PayPal. PayPal is widely used all over the world and it’s quick and easy to set up. If you’ve ever bought anything on e-Bay you’ve used PayPal and if not, all you need to set it up is an email address.

Because it’s such a universally used payment method and such a big company, you can be sure that your PayPal transactions are safe and secure. While it’s not as common as some other payment methods at online casinos, PayPal is becoming more widespread.

Most PayPal withdrawals will be available straight after processing so you can use your funds to make other online purchases right away. If you want to transfer the money to your regular bank account this will usually take another 1-3 working days.

What can an online casino player do to speed up payouts?

While there is not much you can do to make a casino process your payout any faster, there are a few things you can do to help get your money quicker. Most casinos will require some form of verification before they will let you make a withdrawal. Providing the documentation ahead of time will mean less fussing around when you decide to cash out.

It’s also worth considering the time of week you put in a withdrawal request. Processing times are usually measured in business days so putting in a request on a Friday may mean your withdrawal not being processed until the following week. Try to make your withdrawal requests early in the week if you want to get your money sooner rather than later.

Advantages and disadvantages

All payment methods come with advantages and disadvantages and it’s a case of weighing up the pros and cons to choose the one that is right for you. For example, credit and debit cards are trustworthy and reputable but they are slow to process and many players are uncomfortable providing their credit card details online.

Other factors to think about include security and ease of use. E-wallets are often very easy to use and they are processed quickly but people worry that they don’t have the same reputation for security as a traditional financial institution.


It’s worth shopping around to find a casino and a payment method that offers fast, easy withdrawals. There’s nothing more frustrating that having to wait for your money to arrive but with a bit of research and the right casino choice you can get your payout into your account as fast as possible.