Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are among the simplest games out there and that is a big part of their appeal. There’s very little skill required but the potential’s there to win big. You can find scratch cards at pretty much every online casino and there are a few different versions to keep things interesting.

How to play scratch games online

Scratch games couldn’t be simpler to find and play. All you need to do is navigate to the online scratch cards page at your favourite casino and choose a game. Once you’ve opened up the game you will need to first select the amount you want to wager using the plus or minus buttons.

Once you’ve selected your wager, click on New Card and get playing. You’ll see an image of a scratch card with a number of concealed boxes. With most scratch games you get the choice of either scratching off each symbol individually or clicking on Show Card and revealing them all at once. It’s up to you what you choose to do – the outcome won’t be affected at all.

If you get three or more of the same symbol on one card it usually means a payout. Your payout will generally be a multiple of your original wager, depending on the terms of the specific game you’re playing. The more matching symbols you have the higher your payout will be, and you can get anything from even money to some staggeringly big jackpots.

Scratch card odds

One of the main factors that all players need to take into account when choosing where to gamble is the odds. If you’re playing for real money you want to know that you’re going to get a decent amount back or it’s not worth your while.

When it comes to odds, scratch cards are fairly comparable to slots. Most slot games provide around a 94-95% return on your original investment, which is pretty much what you’ll find on the average online scratch card game.

If you compare scratch card gambling to some of the other main online casino games like roulette, blackjack and online video poker you will find the odds are somewhat less favourable. The main difference is that with casino table games you need to invest quite a bit of time into learning strategies and mastering the gameplay, while with scratch cards this is not necessary.

Whether you find the odds in scratch cards favourable or not depends on your personal preferences and style. If you want to spend a substantial amount of time learning strategies and techniques you may be better off playing a game with better odds, but if you’re not interested in that, scratch cards can be a worthwhile choice.

Different types of scratch cards

There are a number of different variations on scratch cards and this means there are plenty to choose from! Here are the main types:

  • Net Entertainment scratch cards: All the main casino software providers have their own variation on the scratch card theme and Net Ent is no exception. If you’re playing at a NetEnt casino you’ll find some really great scratch games including 7 Gold Scratch, Triple Wins Star Ticket and Lucky Double.
  • Microgaming scratch cards: Microgaming has a bigger range of scratch cards than NetEnt and they have some innovative titles that are more like interactive board games than scratchies. If you’re looking to liven up the standard scratch card format you’ll love some of the Microgaming classics like Hand to Hand Combat, Space Evader Gold and Six Shooter Looter Gold.
  • Playtech scratch cards: Playtech is another major player in the casino software industry and their range of scratch cards doesn’t disappoint. The Playtech scratch cards are particularly fun and innovative with great graphics and animations that make it feel almost like you’re playing a slot game instead of a scratch card. In fact, many of Playtech’s scratch cards, like Kong Scratch and The Mummy Scratch are based on their slot games and use the same themes and symbols.
  • Jackpot scratch: If you’re keen to win a big payout by playing scratch cards you’ll want to look at Jackpot Scratch. Jackpot Scratch Cards are a UK online slot provider that specialises in scratch cards and offers plenty of great payouts.
  • The Marvel scratch card series: If you’re a superhero fan you’ll love the great range of Marvel themed scratch cards from Playtech. All the favourites are there from The Avengers and Iron Man 3 to Wolverine and Daredevil.
  • Bowled over: This innovative online scratch card game is a must play for anyone who’s keen to try something a bit different from the standard scratch card. When you play Bowled Over you start with six panels under which are concealed different multipliers. Choose one and that multiplier is applied to the second part of the game. The second part is more like a typical scratch card game where you scratch off the panels to see if you win a prize. Anything you do win will be increased by the multiplier you choose during the first round, giving you an opportunity to net some very big winnings.

The many and varied versions of online scratch cards make them far superior to the physical version. While you still get the same fun and anticipation of scratching off the panels to see if you’ve won a prize, when you play online scratch cards you also get the benefit of interactive features, animation and multiple rounds, not to mention some fantastic themes.

Most people choose to play scratch cards for real money as it offers more of a thrill but you can play scratch cards for free if you just want to have a little fun. Just keep an eye out for the free or demo version at your favourite scratch cards casino.

History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a recent innovation, and they started off in the 1970s as physical cards that you could buy from newsagents and petrol stations. Scratch cards were originally tied in with the lottery and provided an alternative way for people to play on the lottery without having to wait for a weekly draw to find out if they’d won.

You can still purchase scratch cards in supermarkets, newsagents and petrol stations around the UK today, and they remain popular. Online casinos have also jumped on the scratch card bandwagon and started offering online scratch cards in the 1990s.

There are some great advantages to playing online scratch cards, as you don’t need to physically go down to the shops to buy one, or to claim your winnings. There are also some fantastic interactive features on online scratch cards that you just can’t get on the physical ones.

If you love playing scratch cards you’ll love the online version. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the paper cards, you might be surprised at the variation and fun features that online scratch cards have to offer.