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Who we are

At UK Casinos Online, our aim is to be a complete and comprehensive online gaming resource. We provide you with everything you need to know about playing at an online casino, from the basics about how to sign up and register for an account, to detailed analyses of casino games and the strategies you can employ to improve your enjoyment of them, and everything else in between. What’s more, we show UK players where to find the best casino bonuses and promotions, and we also feature exclusive special offers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Why the UK online gambling industry is important

The trend in online gambling in the UK has been one of consistent growth, with latest research showing that 15.4% of all adults in Britain participate in gambling online in some form, with over 18 million people having accounts with an online gaming provider. This reflects the growing central role that technology plays in our lives – for instance, the average adult spends in Britain spends more than 31 hours a month online via a PC or laptop, while 61% of those who own a mobile phone use it to access the internet. As a consequence, the latest figures suggest that online gambling is worth more than £5 billion annually to the UK economy, and this figure could double by the year 2020.

The conclusions that can be drawn are that online gambling makes a vital contribution to the economy of Britain, and also that it will remain a growth industry as we continue to move more of our lives into the online space.

Meet the writer

Luke Bruce is a writer at UK Casinos Online who specialises in the online casino industry, and who reviews both sites and games. Luke has long experience of the industry, having previously worked in game development, but now focuses on reporting on new advancements in online gambling. Luke has a particular interest in new casinos and how they respond to the changing marketplace, but when he’s not doing this he is a dedicated slots player with a penchant for all forms of blackjack, especially pontoon.